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There are so many attributes of God that are beyond our comprehension. The Bible even tells us that “his ways are higher than our way.” His love and His justice are quite difficult to get our brains around. The “omnis” of God are definitely on the list of difficult things to comprehend. The omniscience of God speaks to God knowing everything. The omnipresence of God speaks to God being everywhere. The idea of God being everywhere should be something that encourages and yet challenges believers. Encouraged because there is no where we can go when God is not also there. We cannot hide from him because He is both outside time and space. It challenges us because we must live our lives remembering to live in the presence of God. That challenge is something that we often take for granted. When Joshua was leading the Israelites into the Promised Land, God reminded him to be strong and courageous because God was with him wherever he would go. This is something that we need to remember when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Since God is always with us, we should be much more willing to introduce people to Him.

Sharing the Gospel is something that is one of the main reasons why churches are not growing. When the churches in the Book of Acts were starting and growing, people were being added to their numbers daily. They were not adding to their numbers because of anything else other than the Gospel was being shared and people were responding to the Gospel. The top two reason why people do not share the Gospel are fear and not knowing what to say. Fear is something that often causes us to forget that God is everywhere. Realizing that God is with us, should help us to share the Gospel because we are not the ones who does the saving, but God does. What we say in sharing the Gospel is important, so we need to work at it and grow in it. Every believer should have two approaches to sharing the Gospel. The first is “go and tell.” We are called to go and tell people about Jesus as we do the work of the evangelist. The second is “come and see.” If we struggle with sharing the Gospel, we still need to need to be inviting people to come to a place where they can hear the Gospel. Both approaches are needed, and we all can participate in both.

As for the problem of what to say, we need to not over complicate this. We have a testimony, we can carry around a Gospel tract, and we can invite people to church to hear the Gospel. Too many options can be overwhelming, so let’s simplify our approach to streamline the need and the process of sharing the Gospel. God is everywhere, so let’s introduce people to Him wherever we go!!