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            When my kids were little, I would play a game that my grandfather played with me where you had to lay completely still as my hand was spiraling down to tickle them. Seldomly did they stay still. Lots of tickling would ensue, and inevitably they would say…”Do it again, Dad!” They were never able to stay still, but they wanted more and more. Somewhere we have lost that childhood enthusiasm towards the Lord, and I think more than ever we need the heart of a child while following the Lord. Why do we lose sight of the greatness and the bigness of God? If God is everywhere, knows everything, and can do anything why are we not asking God to do it again over and over? We need the joy of His salvation restored in our hearts, we need to see people come to faith in the Lord, we need to see prayers being answered, we need to see God accomplishing what only He can accomplish, and we should expect God to do it again and again.

            I recently heard a song by Elevation Worship called “Another One.” The song talks about how God is in the miracle business and that we should expect another miracle. The bridge of the song says:

'Cause if He told the sun when to rise and it did, He will again
And if He told the storm to be still and it did, He will again
And if He told the sea where to split and it did, He will again
And if He told the walls when to fall and they did, He will again
And if He told the chains when to break and they did, He will again
And if He told the bones, come alive, and they did, He will again
(Come on, what else?)
If He told the stone, roll away, and it did, He will again
And if He told the grave, let Him go, and it did, He will again


These are all supernatural things that God has done, and we need to believe that He will do them again. We cannot be complacent or unexpectant because the same God who did these things is the same yesterday, today, and forever! When Jesus went back to His hometown, I think one of the saddest verses in the Bible occurs. The people in the town did not have any faith in believing that Jesus was the Son of God. They just thought that He was just Joseph’s boy. Matthew 13:58 says, “And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief.” Jesus was in their midst, and they did not believe He could do anything. Today, we could act more like they did instead of believing and expecting great things from God. God is a big God who wants to do BIG things, so we need to call upon this amazing God and expect great things from Him. We need to begin in our own hearts asking God to “Do it again” in us so that become more expectant and more believing that God is not done with us, our family, or our church. As we see people come to faith in Christ, we need to say, “Do it again, Lord!” When we see our church growing, “Do it again!” When we see prodigals returning, “Do it again!” Lord, will you please, DO IT AGAIN!!!