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This semester feels like it is flying by, this Wednesday is the last week of our second sermon series of the year. It feels like just yesterday we were starting the semester off. Our current sermon series over the Trinity is coming to an end soon but before we get there we should look back at week three. In week three we talked about the Holy Spirit. In the previous weeks we look at the character, works, and desires of the father and son. When preparing to teach over the Holy Spirit I intended on using the same model. As the Holy Spirit does, he had a different vision than I did, how fitting. 

In week three while learning about the Holy Spirit we looked at four main points. Before getting to the main discussion we had to ask, who is the Holy Spirit? Once we set a foundation for who the Holy Spirit is we then were able to look at what he does for us. 

He makes known the presence of Jesus: All of his works are rooted in his aim to bring glory to Jesus Christ. (John 16:14) 

He makes us more like Jesus: He will convict us of sin and lead us to become more like Jesus. (Galatians 5:16)

He helps us understand the Bible: He guides us when we spend time with him (John 16:13)

He guides youStory of Philip: The Conversion of the Ethiopian Official (Acts 8)

We are in week four now and this week we will tie everything together. We will then ask the question, what is your trinity? What are you replacing God with in your life?