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We are now coming off the first week of our new sermon series on Wednesday night for the youth. Our new series is over the Trinity, who is God, who is the Son, and who is the Holy Spirit? Each week we are looking at three characteristics of each, what is the character, works, and desires of the Trinity. Building off of our first sermon series, Bearing Fruit. Now that we know we are called to bear fruit, who are we following that will help us accomplish that? 

When writing our series I like to start at the end. Where are we wanting to go and how will we get there? For this new series we are starting with the three entities that make up the Trinity. In the end for the last week we will bring them all together, then ask the question, what is your Trinity? We like to put things in our life that replace the space God should be in. What are the things you are allowing to take the place of God? Then, what should we do now that we know God is not the focal point of our lives?