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Media Safe Home Part 2

            Last week we began talking about creating a Media Safe Home. This week I want to address the “biggie” in technology addiction: pornography. Did you know that the average age of children seeing porn for the first time is 9 years old? It is a giant problem that we are often unaware of. Think about it this way, children are having their first sexual experience through pornography. This leaqds to major problems with intimacy in marriage when they are adults. Rather than parenting by circumstance after it happens, we need to be parenting with a purpose!

            There are five stages of escalation and addiction:

  1. Viewing pornography – your mind takes a picture and it stays there.
  2. Addiction – you want more and more.
  3. Escalation - you begin viewing more and more frequently.
  4. Desensitization – now less graphic is not enough. You want to see more and different things.
  5. Acting out sexually – you begin to act out what you see.

That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Instead of panicking, let’s decide how we should react and what we should do. If your child is caught viewing porn, try this:

  1. Don’t freak out!
  2. Make it a teachable moment – that’s not how God designed it. This is what the Bible says…
  3. Create consequences within reason – consequences that teach healthy sexuality.
  4. Teach positive healthy sexuality. There are many great resources. Use books, conversations, etc. Ask for help if you are unsure! Your staff is here to help!
  5. Find helpful resources like and Pure Foundations series.
  6. Prevention is better than waiting to talk about it after it happens.
  7. Remember, this mutlti-billion dollar agency is targeting boys AND girls.

In general, less screen time means a healthier mind and body for kids. Take the time right now to decide what your family’s screen practices will be. Develop a technology contract or a Screen-Safe Family pledge. I have examples of these, along with some quizzes to see how your child is doing with screens.  Please let me know if you would like copies!

            Technology is here to stay. Our children are experts in the technological world. Just remember, this is not all bad. Technology can be used in many good, productive ways if we as parents take the time to think through how and when our children will be allowed to use technology. Take some time today to think it through and put a plan in place. You will be glad you did!